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General Information

PAYMENT DUE DATE:  Your bill is due by the 25th of the month. Payments received after the 25th will appear on your next statement. A finance charge computed at the periodic rate of 1% per month (annual percentage rate 12%), 50 cent minimum, may be assessed on past due balances of thirty days of more.

ERRORS ON YOUR BILL:  Contact us immediately if you find an error on your bill.  

BILLING ADDRESS CHANGES:  For billing address changes, check the box on the front of the payment stub and provide your new billing address below. 

MOVING:  It is the customer’s responsibility to stop service. If you are moving out of the area or suspending service for the year, call in advance so we may schedule the change and pull the carts and containers. Outgoing customers are held responsible for service until notice is given to the office.  

COLLECTION TIMES:  Residential collection receptacles need to be set out by 6:30 am unless notified of earlier collection times.   Commercial containers need to be set out the night before.  Collection times will vary substantially due to seasonality without notice.  We are not responsible for items left next to cans, totes, or containers.  Nor are we responsible for damage to cans. 

EXTRA GARBAGE: Anything not completely inside cans, totes, or containers is considered extra garbage and will be charged for.  This includes items stacked on top or overfilled where the lid is not completely closed.  

MISSED SERVICE: If your service is missed or your can or tote doesn’t empty completely, please call us immediately.  Garbage must freely fall out of you can or tote.  Just because you can get it in to your can doesn’t mean we can get it out.  Overstuffed or light material such as Styrofoam, cardboard, or weeds are common items that cause cans and totes to not dump out.  Placing heavier items at the bottom of your can or tote will help push these items out. 

 WEATHER OR ROAD CONDITIONS: No credit will be given for a skip in scheduled service due to weather or road conditions including blocking due to road or utility work. Garbage missed will be taken on next scheduled pickup day with no extra charge. 

PRIVATE ROADS:  Private roads, developments, and driveways  we are asked to service must be maintained. This includes adequate and timely snow plowing in the winter along with all hills sanded and deiced.  

Transfer Stations

Billing & Payments

Remit Payment Address:
P.O. Box 1717
Chelan, WA 98816

Payment Drop Station:
60 Chelan Falls Rd
Chelan, WA 98816

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